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Image Skincare Mask

Over the last number of years, I think as soon as I turned 30, I began looking after my skin to a much better level. I do consider myself very lucky that I don’t have wrinkles or fine lines just yet, but I am more than aware that they could appear at any given time – hence why I am quite regimental in my skin care.
Of course, there are some late nights that my skin will get the wrath of a face wipe, but these nights are very rare now as I can always see the repercussions on my skin over the following days. The reality of having good skin, comes from within e.g. good food, plenty of fruit and vegetables and plenty of water for hydration. So, if your skin isn’t hydrated to start, and being fed from the inside, you will be fighting a losing battle from the outside.

When I go for facials, I will always go for facials that I cannot incorporate into my daily skincare regime. In that, I see it as a pointless exercise to pay in excess of €100 for a therapist to apply a scrub and a mask to my face when in essence, I can do that to myself at home with the products. I don’t need to lie in a bed listening to the chime and brass version of Beethoven – I am results driven when it comes to treatment. You can see a previous blog post of an example of the facials that I love here.

I was recently given the latest Image Skincare mask to try on my face.


For those of you that have not heard of Image, it is a luxury skincare brand that delivers excellent results. I regularly use the Vital C Serum and it is a super product for under your moisturiser. I also have the Tinted Moisturiser on days that I do not want to use foundation and this too is a really lovely hydrating product which has factor 30 so you have great sun protection.

The new mask is a sheet style mask designed to hydrate, radiate and regenerate the skin. It has a blend of volcanic water, ginseng root extract, amino acids and antioxidants for ultimate skin rejuvenation. The sheet mask has hydrogel on one side of the mask which is the side that should be on the side that you apply to your cleansed face. You are instructed to leave it on for approximately 25 minutes, but I was so tired that I fell asleep with the mask on! I obviously was completely shattered as I didn’t move position all night as the mask was still in place when I woke. The hydrogel had completely soaked into my skin and my skin looked and felt truly amazing.

The Image Skincare is a pricier range of products but they are most certainly worth it! I have only used this mask once but I am putting it on my wish list now and will certainly invest in the box of 5.


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