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The Revolutionary Facial at AquaSpa

In the quest for eternal youth, or at least an attempt to slow down the ageing process to enable me to continue with my work hard, play hard lifestyle, I went to Aquaspa on the Model Farm Road to try out the latest Elemis facial that they are offering. The facial that I went for is the Biotec facial which is currently exclusive in Cork to Aquaspa on the Model Farm Road.
Personally, I love all of the Elemis products and would always buy the Christmas gift sets when they arrive in Aquaspa (which co-incidentally are in stock there now – but these always do sell out quickly so grab one while you can).
Shortly after arrival at Aquaspa, I was shown to the relaxation room and served a refreshing juice while I began my pampering day.
My therapist that day was Laura. Laura has incredible knowledge when it comes to the treatments and for all skincare questions in general. She ran through my medical questionnaire and then explained the treatment in full detail. I wrote down the information that she provided as I knew that I would want to relax and enjoy the treatment. And honestly, I wasn’t sure how relaxing it would be but I fell asleep about 20 minutes in to the treatment – that was a first for me!
And so, here is the science behind the facial – Elemis Biotec bridges the gap between a hands on facial and cosmetic/ non-invasive procedures. The Biotec machine has 8 customised facials that targets specific skin needs such as –
Lift & Firming
Anti Blemish 
It has been clinically proven to deliver dynamic skin care results with long term benefits even after one facial. The facial itself is a 1 hour treatment.
Hands on therapy helps to soften and prepare the skin at the start of the facial.   Once the hands on is complete the therapist with start with the Biotec machine.  Each facial has high-potency activator designed specifically this provides a complex of powerful antioxidants which penetrate deeper into the skin. Each one providing powerful and measurable results.
Hydra active Gel masks for face and eyes deliver super hydration and the luxurious Amber Massage Balm is used for maximum results.
The five technologies on the Machine are 
Ultrasonic peel – gently exfoliates impurities and deep cleanses
Microcurrent Lift – physically lifts and firms the skin
02 infusion – 95% pure oxygen
Galvanic rejuvenate – two step treatment that works synergistically with positive and negative charged ions
L.E.D light therapy balance – Light therapy in the forms of red & blue – Red light – stimulates collagen production
 Blue light – anti bacterial effect – great for breakouts.
Personally, after the facial, my skin was incredibly smooth and bright. I still see the effects of the facial and I would recommend this facial. These would be really beneficial to get your skin into tip top shape for a special occasion – particularly for brides before their wedding. Laura said that she’d recommend 1 facial per month for 6 months. I would however recommend that you would arrange a consultation with Aquaspa directly to discuss your own skin care requirements.
If you would like to book a facial with Aquaspa, you can contact them here.

I am an Event Creation & Production Manager based in Cork. I am in final year Law in UCC and also have a love for Politics. I am a former candidate of TV3 The Apprentice and current panelist on TV3 Elaine. I am also a regular radio contributor and a professional event MC and host.

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